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General questions regarding Don't Call Me Sugar, how to post, etc. Are located below. If you have a question that is not found on this page, please reply to the FAQ (that means this post). You question will be answered and added to the main post.

Don't Call Me Sugar F.A.Q.

  1. What is Don't Call Me Sugar?

  2. Don't Call Me Sugar is a WIP (work-in-progress) that is nonfiction and based on the modern Southern Woman's perceptions of herself and her experiences. The foundation of the book will be formed from the first-hand accounts of Southern Women writing on a variety of topics. These essays will be used to find themes across the topics and between the contributors. Drs. Hope M. Smiley-McDonald and Stephanie M. Wright-Weeks will then writing the book based on, and including excerpts of, the submissions from Southern Women everywhere.

  3. Who is Dr. Hope M. Smiley-McDonald?

  4. Hope is a sociologist out of the University of Kentucky and a true southern daughter, having never lived anywhere else. She has varied research interests and comes to this project with a lot of ideas on how to draw this portrait of the contemporary Southern Woman. You can read more about Hope here.

  5. Who is Dr. Stephanie M. Wright-Weeks?

  6. Stephanie is a social psychologist out of NC State University and a writer. Like Hope, Stephanie has never lived anywhere other than the south. She has recently accepted a faculty position in the Department of Psychology & Sociology at Coastal Carolina University. Read more about Stephanie here.

  7. Where did the idea for Don't Call Me Sugar come from?

  8. One of authors' daughters sparked the idea. Read the story here.

  9. Can I contribute to the book?

  10. Submissions are welcome from all women who identify themselves in any way as being Southern. You do not have to live in the south or even have been born in the south!

  11. How do I contribute to the book?

  12. You may submit your own writing on any of the topics (see next question) via multiple avenues. Instructions for submitting via the DCMS community on LJ are found on the profile page. Please be sure to follow all instructions. You may also submit via the Don't Call Me Sugar website. Finally, if you choose to do so, you may snail mail your submissions following the instructions found on the Don't Call Me Sugar website.

  13. Will you use my real name in the book?

  14. The choice is yours. We will use your first name only, with your permission. If you would rather that we do not use your real name, you will be asked to provide an alternative first name for us to link to your writing.

  15. Why can't I post my submissions directly in my journal or in the Don't Call Me Sugar community?

  16. The principle reason regards copyright issues. Please see the previous post for the Consent & Permissions statement. Once you submit an essay, that essay falls under the authors' exclusive rights to use and publish. Should you publish your essay publically (i.e., on your LJ journal), then we would no longer be able to use it in Don't Call Me Sugar.

  17. What topics can I write on?

  18. Currently, we are accepting submissions on the following topics: Life, God, Money, Work, Home, Marriage & Family, Friendship & Sisterhood, Men, Sex, Food, Holidays & Vacations, Gardening, Southern Rituals, Superstitions, Leisure Activities, and Death.

  19. Why do I have to give you background information?

  20. Well, strictly speaking, you don't have to. You may choose to ignore the background information if you wish. However, gathering this information allows us the opportunity to see how thoughts and ideas differ between different types of women.

  21. What will happen with my contribution once I've submitted it?

  22. We will read your essay(s) and include what you've written with all other submissions. Then, we will carefully examine all submissions under a particular topic (e.g., friendship & sisterhood) for common themes and undertones. Eventually, these themes and undertones will be explored by the authors as we write the actual meat of Don't Call Me Sugar. Excerpts from all essays will likely be included, and it's even possible that some essays will appear in the book in their entirety!

  23. When will the book be published?

  24. We aren't really sure. At this stage, we are shopping for interested publishers. With the best of favorable circumstances, Don't Call Me Sugar would be written and consigned to the editor's pen within the next year or so.

  25. By whom will the book be published?

  26. See above. In short, we do not yet know.

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