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Background Questionnaire

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Before posting your first submission to Don't Call Me Sugar, please copy and paste this questionnaire into your post. Answer the questions, and paste or type your submission below the questionnaire. If you are submitting via LJ, please read the instructions for submission prior to posting and be sure you are posting to a custom friend group containing only dontcallmesugar as a friend. Submissions viewable by the general public or by your friends on LJ cannot be accepted. Once you have answered these questions for your first submission, you do not need to answer them again on LJ.

Name (real or not):
Current City & State:
Marital Status (single/never married, married, separated/divorced, widowed):
# of Kids:
Level of Education (less than HS diploma, HS diploma, some college, AB/AS/technical degree, Bachelor's degree, some graduate work, MA/MS, PhD, MD, JD, other professional degree):
Religion (Catholic, nondenomination Protestant, Baptist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, other Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, other):
Household Income (<$20,000, $20,000-29,999, $30,000-39,999, $40,000-49,999, $50,000-59,999, $60,000-69,999, $70,000-79,999, $80,000-$89,999, $90,000-99,999, $100,000-$124,999, $125,000-$149,999, $150,000-199,999, $200,000 & above):
Sex (female, male):
Best piece of advice you've ever gotten from or given to a southern female:
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